About ECO


ECO. Modern Essentials are the specialists in natural and organic oil formulations for face, body and wellbeing. The ECO. brand embodies women who are engaged with their world; are active, healthy and love to look after themselves with natural, local and organic products. We understand the need for women to have products they can trust; simple, natural, effective skincare that can be easily tied into their busy routines.

ECO. products are formulated using a powerful combination of natural and organic ingredients with science-based innovation to address skincare concerns and day to day wellbeing.

Founded in 2009, ECO. are proudly Australian, use natural ingredients and are committed to delivering products of salon quality at an affordable price.



ECO. is driven by an enthusiastic team of talented women, lead by CEO and founder, Claire Mitchell. Claire has an impressive and reputable business portfolio, as well as a strong passion for healthy, natural and active living. This is embodied by the ECO. brand, designed for women who lead active, healthy lives and choose to look after themselves with natural and local products.

Claire founded ECO. in 2009 on the Gold Coast, and with her passion for growing international businesses has launched ECO. globally into the U.S, U.K, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, China and the Middle East. Claire previously held a CFO and finance director role for Endance Ltd and was part of the cornerstone team who successfully took the company to list on the London stock exchange. Claire is also currently a director of Imarda Group, a fast growing tech company with major operations in New Zealand, Australia and the US.